This year, we have the distinct opportunity to host our county as the Dropoff Location for Operation Christmas Child! This is going to be a team effort, so if you are interested in volunteering, please contact the office or Bro. Bailey and someone will get you lined up with where to go and what to do! National Collection Week is November 14 - 21, 2022 and this year, our focus is "One Gift. One Goal." In a training this fall, our staff learned that a child only gets one shoebox in a lifetime. That shoebox could very well be the only opportunity they get to hear the gospel of Jesus, so it is our prayer that we collect shoeboxes and help them reach their goal of getting every kid a shoebox!
If you are a member of CBC and are bringing boxes, please have them in the Sanctuary by November 20th @ 9:00am. If you are a guest and are looking for times to drop boxes off for your church, they are all located below! Thank you again for teaming up with us this year!
Operation Christmas Child
Collection Hours @ CBC
Monday, November 14 – 10am – 12pm
Tuesday, November 15 – 10am – 12pm
Wednesday, November 16 – 7:30am – 10am
Thursday, November 17 – 10:30am – 12pm & 2pm – 5pm
Friday, November 18 – 8am – 10am
Saturday, November 19 – 10am – 1pm
Sunday, November 20 – 2pm – 3pm
Monday, November 21 – 7am – 9am

All collections will take place in the Chatom Baptist Fellowship Hall during these hours. There will be signs located in the parking lot and signs once you enter the building on where to go! If you have any questions, contact Bro. Bailey at 334-830-7065 or the Church Office at 251-847-2493.